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Our mission is to serve our Veterans ensuring you and your family receive your earned full VA Benefits.

We want to help you, our Veteran. You deserve it. We honor it!

MILITARY is where freedom reigns and courage prevails. We salute the brave hearts that protect our homeland.

VETERANS are the brave that defend our nation with unwavering determination. They are born to fight and trained to win. We are safe and united because of our Veterans.

SUPPORT from our Veteran Family to your Veteran Family is what we proudly do for all the Armed Forces. It is our passion.

  • We go the extra mile by providing the services for filing your VA benefits and compensation.

  • We have found that most Veterans are not receiving their full benefits. We are here to help change that!

Our deep-rooted connection to the military fuels our passion to support Veterans. Our personal and professional experience with the VA system has given us the experience to assist well deserving Veterans...and make a difference!


Our team brings the breadth and depth of expertise to provide the best support to our Veterans. This starts with how to work with the diverse intricacies of the VA, the filing requirements, medical evaluations, and how to process your service-related claims so you can receive the benefits that are available...and that you earned! And, you deserve!


Navigating the documentation required for a VA disability claim can be daunting. That's where we step in.


We understand the complexities of the disability claims process. And, we simplify the process for you!


We offer guidance on what is required. We figure out what is missing. We know how to get what is required. We provide the comprehensive medical evaluation services required to submit claims.

During your evaluation, our doctors and registered nurse will:

  • Conduct a thorough review of your medical records.

  • Discuss your concerns over the claimed medical condition.

  • Perform necessary evaluations.

  • Answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your medical evaluation.

  • Assist in processing your VA claims to help get you the benefits and compensation you qualify for.

Our story begins with living the military life and being a military family for three generations. D.Myers is a military spouse who has been honored to support her husband's 32 year military career. While he was active, D.Myers managed the Air Force Key Spouse Program, an official Air Force Unit Family Readiness Program. She continues to support her husband as a retired Disabled Veteran. During her own 30+ year career, D.Myers was an executive manager with a nation-wide corporation that contracted to the government developing technology for all the Armed Forces, DEA, DOJ, FAA, and Homeland Security. A large portion of her time was spent on military bases and government institutions, working directly with the uniformed. 

In the family, D.Myers' grandfather and father were in the Air Force. Her father-in-law was in the Army and WWII as a paratrooper. She has three brother-in-laws that were in the military. Two were in the Army, and one was in the Air Force. She also has one nephew in the Air Force, and one in the Marines.

On our team, we have two doctors who proudly served in the US Navy Medical Corps. Our Registered Nurse served as a Navy spouse and military daughter and mother. This medical team will provide you with the best medical services and evaluations required to receive your full benefits.

Every member of our team has been personally involved in the military. We understand!


This is why we created our military based team that can personally and professionally dedicate our full-circle set of skills, experience, and, most importantly, a shared sense of purpose to service you.

For us, it's not just about providing cost-effective evaluations and paperwork. It's about standing alongside our fellow veterans, advocating for their rights, and ensuring our Veterans receive the support and recognition they deserve.

We want to empower veterans to navigate the complexities of the claims process with confidence and dignity. We understand the challenges our veterans face, and we're here to offer support every step of the way.

Simply click the red button below to kickstart your journey to receive your full VA benefits and compensation! 


Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way!


  • Compensation

  • Spouse

  • Family

  • Medical

  • Insurance

  • Taxes

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Automobile

  • Burial

  • Banking

  • Jobs

And More!



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